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Greater Columbus Swim Team of Ohio

Swim Meet Information

GCSTO Swim Meet Information
 GCSTO's On-Line Entry System
 Here is the link for you to use to create a password for a account for the online meet entry system: You can click on it and it will take you to ACTIVE Network’s page that has a log-in for new users. Enter your e-mail address and continue to the next page and set up your account. You will receive an  e-mail back with a password to use for the future. You may be able to change that password once into the system. PLEASE WRITE YOUR PASSWORD and such down so that you have it handy at all times. When we start using the system the invitation e-mails will have the same link.

   A – We will post the meets that we have information on here for you to see. If we do not yet have the information then you will not see it here until we get that.

     B – When we open entries for the meet we will send everyone an email inviting them to the meet. DO NOT REPLY TO THAT EMAIL TO ACCEPT OR DECLINE. Go to your own portal at to do so. Again, do not reply to that email as it looks as if it is coming directly from me and my email but it is simply a form invitation being generated by the entry system using my email as the ghost sender.

    C – If you do not get an invitation and are eligible for the meet (as the invitation may have gone to your spam file, been accidentally deleted or simply never arrived) you can simply go to your portal at and enter into the meet.

 D – If you accept you will provide the system with payment (credit card) information unless you have already put that in and told the system to save that. You will then see an immediate charge of $5 to enter the meet. You do NOT have the option to pick events as your coach will do that so the only thing you will be charged for at the time you accept is that $5 entry fee. Once your coaches pick your events (and only after your events have been chosen) you will then be charged for those individual events. There will be no relay charges assessed to any individual accounts as we will pay for relays from the general entry fund. Once everything is complete you will receive another email about the meet confirming all of their event entries, as well.

     E – You will see only one other associated charge. Active Network charges 1.8% to your credit card for all financial transactions so you will also then see a small charge to Active Network for that, as well, on your credit card, each time you enter a meet.  

***  All entry questions should go to your coach *** 

  Again… you accept or decline through your portal, if you accept then you pay the $5 entry fee and that’s it, your coach then enters them in their events and then you receive an email letting you know those events and the associated charges. Again, please NOT respond to email address ( with your acceptances or declines.  

Any swimmer participating in an Ohio LSC meet or parent/guardian allowing a swimmer to participate in an Ohio LSC meet MUST read the following document for compliance with House BIll 143 of the 129th General Assembly:
Ohio Department Of Health Youth Sports Organization Concussion Form

Note: Please do not bring any peanuts or peanut containing products into any of our swimming meets out of respect to those with severe peanut allergies. Thanks!

Fall/Winter Short Course - 2013/2014


Name of Event/
Meet Information (click on the meet name to see the meet information)


Hytek File


Psyche Sheet

GCSTO Team Member Entries Due Date (by midnight of these dates)

Meet Results
10/18-20/2013 Worthington John Bruce Invitational Worthington High School

11/1-3/2013 UASC Golden Bear Invitational Upper Arlington High School  

11/10/2013 GCSTO Rotelli's B Meet  The Columbus Academy

11/17/2013  OSSC Thanks For Giving Meet OSU   

11/24/2013 GCSTO Raising Cane's B Meet  The Columbus Academy

12/13-15/2013 GCSTO Holiday "Salvation Army Holiday Cheer" Meet 
The Columbus Academy

12/12-14/2013  USA Swimming Winter Junior Nationals Greensboro, NC   

1/4-5/2014 UASC Triple Crown Invitational Upper Arlington High School

1/12/2014 GCSTO January B Meet  The Columbus Academy

1/17-19/2014 Worthington Kelly German Invitational Worthington High School

1/24-26/2014 Circle City Classic IUPUI in Indianapolis, IN

1/31 thru 2/2/2014 GCSTO Last Ditch Meet   Columbus Academy

2/15-17/2014 Ohio Swimming 14 & Under Regional Championship Meet Upper Arlington High School

2/19/2014 Upper Arlington Time Trials Upper Arlington High School       
2/28 thru 3/2/2014 Ohio Swimming Senior State Championship Meet Miami University, Oxford, OH
3/1-2/2014 Barbara Kay Mini-Meet Worthington High School

3/7-9/2014 Ohio Swimming 14 & Under State Age Group Championship Meet Ohio State University  

3/26-29/2014 SPEEDO Central Zone Senior Championship Sectional Meet IUPUI, Indianapolis, IN

Note: From the start of the competitive season (10/18/13) through our 11/24/13 B Meet we wish athletes to participate in only a maximum of 3 swimming meets. An athlete also may do only 2 of the multi-day invitationals during that time. Your coach will give you a more specific outline of your athlete's choice of meets during the first week or two of the season.

Note: Please make note that ALL athletes in ALL senior programs (Level 4 & 5) must compete in their state championship meet for at least 2 days in order to be eligible to participate in the Central Sectional Senior Championship meet. Athletes wishing to swim any USA Swimming national level meet must compete in at least 1 full state or sectional championship meet or a combination thereof as cleared by the head coach. State championships include the age group championships or the senior championships. To be eligible for the Central Zone Age Group Championship meet the athlete must have competed in their entire age group or senior state championship meet that season.

Ohio Swimming Age Group REGIONAL Championship Meet School Release Permission Letter

Ohio Swimming Age Group STATE Championship Meet School Release Permission Letter

GCSTO Swim Meet Information
Long Course - 2014


Name of Event/
Meet Information (click on the meet name to see the meet information)


Hytek File


Psyche Sheet

GCSTO Team Member Entry Due Date (by midnight on these dates)


 5/31/14 GCSTO/UASC Dual Meet Upper Arlington High School

6/6-6/8/14 OSSC Spring Invitational

Note: To be entered into this meet you must also be swimming the Creekside Meet 
OSU Columbus, OH Itinerary
GCSTO's Creekside Blues & Jazz Blast Meet

updated 6/9/14

Ohio Swimming Senior Circuit Meet
updated 6/9/14
Gahanna, OH              Creekside Hytek FIle 

Sr. CIrcuit Hytek
(Ind. events done via OME)


Creekside Team Results 

Senior Circuit Results

Creekside Meet/pdf

Creekside Meet/hytek


Senior CIrcuit Meet/pdf

Senior Circuit Meet/hytek
6/28/14  Judith Gerardi Meet  Worthington, OH 

7/11-13/14 OSI Regional Championships  North Findlay, OH  


7/17-20/14 OSI Age Group Championships Miami University, Oxford, OH


7/22-25/14 Central Zone SPEEDO Senior Sectional Meet Miami University, Oxford, OH



7/24-27/14 OSI Senior State Championships Kenyon College, Gambier, OH



SPEEDO Junior National Championships  Irvine, CA 



8/1-3/14  Age Group Central Zone Championships  Geneva, OH


Phillips 66 National Championships

 Irvine, CA


Long Course Season Itineraries

2014 OSI Age Group Regional Championship Meet - TBA
2014 OSI Senior State Championship Meet - TBA
2014 OSI Age Group State Championship Meet - TBA
2014 USA Swimming Sectional Championship Meet - TBA